For a photo job I went to Lisbon Portugal. I went three days and wanted to travel light.
The job was photographing  a big event of a great company. Challenge: low light, bad colored light, locations are big area’s, so you like to have wide angled and zoomed photos.
To go for save I took my Nikon D800 with me and the Nikkor 24-70mm 2.8 .
Second camera I took my Fuji Film X-e2 and the new (for me) Fujinon 55-140mm 2.8. and the 16-55mm 2.8.

With my Thinktank Airport Takeoff the weight of my hand luggage was about 11,5 kg. Still too much, but the lady at the desk of TAP Portugal was very nice and let me trough.
At the moment I went to Lisbon there was an explosion on the internet, especially Facebook about the new Fuji X-pro2. A week therefor de nwe Nikon D5 was released. And I wasn’t very excited. Of course when you pay a lot of money (€ 7100,-) you will have a very good camera. But that’s not funny any more. When you spent that kind of money, you’re worst nightmare will be a Nikon D5s.
So I like the reads about the new Fuji X-Pro2 by Kevin Mullins, Bert Stephani.
Now I have to save some money to buy this X-pro2.

Back to my trip to Lisbon. You can say I went with very old ladies 🙂
I shoot a lot with the Fuji and the 55-140mm 2.8. The results was incredible! Editing in Lightroom I did’t saw a difference between photos of the Nikon and the Fuji. It was sharp and the color was great.
The combination with the ‘old’ lady X-E2 and this zoom was awesome. Also great accurate focussing.
Soon I will post a blog about shooting a concert with the Fuji 55-140mm.

After 2 days being in Lisbon, I didn’t see Lisbon. It was great I had a late flight and spent some time in Lisbon, shooting with the Fuji X-e2 and 16-55mm 2.8. some street scenes. Black and white conversion in Lightroom.

shoeshine guy


tram Lisbon

Street art black and white

teatro da trindade

black and white old man on street Lisbon


And one with my Iphone. Because I didn’t got this shot with the pedestrian with the Fuji 😉

Lisbon Portugal